If you don't know what to do with the rest of your life, make your bed. If you're going to be a couch potato, at least fluff the pillows. If you can't afford pearls, red nail polish is your best accessory. If you don't have time to do your nails, smile and stand up straight.

Helen Ellis in Southern Lady Code

About Helen Ellis

Helen Ellis is an American novelist. She has authored two published novels, along with a short story collection and a forthcoming collection of essays. She is a poker player who competes on the national tournament circuit. Raised in Alabama, she lives with her husband in New York City.Her first novel, Eating the Cheshire Cat (Scribner: 2001), is a dark comedy written in Southern Gothic fiction style. It tells the story of three girls raised in the South, and the odd, sometimes macabre tribulations they endure.The Turning: What Curiosity Kills (Powell's Books: 2010), her second novel, is a "teen vampire" story about a southern 16-year-old girl adopted into a wealthy New York City family and centers on shape-shifting, teen romance, and the supernatural.

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